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The x86 version of Whonix (clearnet link) can be installed on the Talos using QEMU.




Make sure you've already installed Whonix-Gateway (either the POWER or x86 version should work fine) prior to installing Whonix-Workstation.

Download Whonix-Workstation from the Whonix KVM download page (clearnet link).

Verify and Decompress the download as per the Whonix instructions.

Download the File:Whonix-Workstation-XFCE-qemu.patch to the same folder where you decompressed Whonix.

Run the following commands:

mv Whonix-Workstation*.xml Whonix-Workstation-XFCE.xml
patch -i Whonix-Workstation-XFCE-qemu.patch

Import the VM and move the image file as per the Whonix instructions.

You're done, the Whonix-Workstation VM should now be usable. You may wish to add a tablet device in virt-manager for better mouse UX.