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Hakua is a system I built from a Basic Talos™ II Bundle (Dual CPU) plus components sourced at local retailers, as detailed below.

Component Brand Model Cost
Case BitFenix Aurora $135.75
550W PSU Corsair TX550M 80+ GOLD $104.87
PSU extra EPS cable Corsair CP-8920115 $12.02
64GB RAM Kingston KTH-PL424/16G x4 $1243.63
512GB NVMe storage WD WDS512G1X0C $245.81
PCIe to M.2 adapter DeLOCK 89370 $30.63
Graphics card MSI Radeon R5 230 1GB $61.51
Sound card Creative Sound Blaster SB1570 $43.11
Internal USB2 cable Akasa EXUSBIE-40 $9.14
Total $1886.47

The BitFenix case works reasonably well, although the mounting stud compatibility leaves something to be desired.

The following mismatches between front panel and motherboard capabilities exist:

  • There are no NIC link or Fan fail LEDs on the front panel (not a big issue)
  • There are no Identify or NMI buttons on the front panel (again, no biggie)
  • The front panel has two USB3 and two USB2 connectors, but the MB only provides two USB3 and one USB2 connection internally, so one USB2 connector remains unconnected