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Design Mission

  • Minimize dependence on any proprietary software, firmware or hardware.
  • Reject surveillance capitalism with a compliment of customized security and privacy techniques.
  • Maintain a small, quiet and professional footprint with resiliency against common, general web threats.
  • Proof-of-concept: a small form factor home office/gaming system can be viable with IBM Power9 + Raptor’s Blackbird.
Illusion, deployed.
Illusion, nacelle removed.
Monitoring during typical operation.


Component Model
Mainboard Blackbird C1P9S01
Case Aerocool CS-101
Processor IBM 02CY650
Memory 2x 8GB ECC DIMMs
Storage 512GB M.2 SSD over M.2 PCIe adapter
Video adapter AMD RX 560X
Heatsink AVC TL2HS2
Power Supply 500W SFX modular


The device runs much quieter than anticipated. Most applications pin the processor at around 2.3GHz, games see it climb to about 3.8GHz. Power usage ~4.5W plugged in, ~70W on bootup, ~65W idling at desktop.