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u-root and SystemBoot are Go-based (and therefore memory-safe) alternatives to Busybox and Petitboot, which could potentially be used in Skiroot to improve security.

u-root Porting Status

A small number of u-root commands, e.g. strace, do not build for ppc64le at the moment.

SystemBoot Porting Status

SystemBoot relies on CONFIG_KEXEC_FILE, which is missing in the Skiroot Linux config.

Instructions to Test

  1. Build u-root as a tar.
  2. Put the tar on a USB mass storage device.
  3. Boot into a Skiroot shell.
  4. Enter the below commands:
     cd /tmp/
     mkdir u-root
     cd u-root/
     tar -xf /var/petitboot/mnt/dev/sdd1/u-root/initramfs.linux_ppc64le.tar # Use the path to your USB drive
     cd initramfs.linux_ppc64le.cpio
     chroot .
  5. Pick a boot device.

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