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                  | [[Category:{{#switch:Template |Template=Template |Module=Module |User=User |#default=Wikipedia}} documentation pages]]

Purpose of this template

This template is for page __TOC__ (Table Of Contents) code to go into a collapsible box that has [show]/[hide] functionality with the default being that the box is collapsed (and the TOC hidden) thereby allowing for a single click on the [show] area for display. This provides editors an option to better pages with long TOCs so that the lead isn't by default occupied with a large amount of dead blank space. Place the template in the location where the TOC is to be displayed. Note that Show Preview will show the TOC; the page must first be saved before the TOC will be hidden.

Usage: - Place the following on the page: {{TOC hidden}}

Alternative: - The necessity of this template is often disputed, so apply it with consideration. A suggested alternative is: {{TOC limit}}.

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