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Talos I or the Talos Secure Workstation was the original Talos™ system proposed by Raptor Computing Systems. As its crowdfunding effort on the CrowdSupply website was unsuccessful, this system was never created. A prototype mainboard was never made, yet some tests to simulate Talos I operation were run on an IBM S822LC Firestone server.

The Talos I design used a single POWER8 SCM chip and two Centaur memory buffers.
In contrast, Talos I's successor, Talos II, uses up to two POWER9 chips and directly attached memory.


Specifications (proposed)

Mainboard Part # Form Factor Sockets CPU Type Networking Storage Controller
unknown ATX 1 POWER8 SCM 2x GbE SATA


In addition to being sold as a mainboard, the Talos I proposal also included pre-built systems.

SKU Name
TALP8D050 Talos Desktop Edition
TALP8S050 Talos Storage Server
TALP8W100 Complete Talos Workstation

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