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Terms of Service

We'll try to keep this simple.

Information about POWER systems and related hardware, firmware, and software components is encouraged on this Wiki, including comparisons with other solutions and applications for POWER processors. We take a relatively broad approach to acceptable content, however there are limits as to what will be allowed, and Raptor Computing Systems can at its sole discretion determine if content is acceptable and take corrective action where needed.

By posting content to this Wiki, you agree to distribution of your content under the Wiki's CC-BY-SA license. If you are uploading third party content or licensed files, you agree to clearly indicate the license of the third party content on the file description page.

Spam, vandalism, illegal content, harassment, and related activities are strictly prohibited.

Intellectual Property Rights

We take intellectual property rights very seriously. Content available on this Wiki is licensed as indicated on each page. DMCA complaints may be sent to support@raptorcs.com for immediate action.


Last revised: 01-25-2018