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System Package 2.10 Release Notes


  • No change


  • Update hostboot to latest upstream version
  • Update skiboot to latest upstream version
  • Update petitboot to latest upstream version
  • Update hcode to latest upstream version
  • Update skiroot to Linux 6.6.y stable branch
  • Enable Infiniband drivers in skiroot
  • Fix sporadic crash on paired-core machines (higher than 8 core) under specific workloads
  • Compress hostboot runtime to free up additional space in the BOOTKERNFW partition
  • Enable firmware component signature checks during IPL by default. Note that this uses the well-known (insecure) public transitional key in the official firmware builds, but makes the transition to a machine owner's key easier should the user wish to enable a secure boot chain using their own signing keys.


  • No change

Known Issues

  • New BMC cannot IPL old PNOR and vice versa (CANTFIX)
  • Lockdown of P2A bridge for security breaks AST2500 VGA passthrough -- ast driver in guest cannot read configuration due to lockdown, and qemu does not pass host device tree information with VGA configuration data to guest kernel.
  • Certain DIMMs may not function in Slot 0. This is not a defect in the Blackbird planar, it is a memory VPD issue that is being worked by Raptor and the IBM memory team. Future firmware updates are expected to address this problem.
  • Upgrading from a BMC that has been manually edited to add or remove users can result in loss of SSH access after the upgrade has completed. The root cause is that /etc/passwd is retained verbatim across updates if modified, and as a result the new sshd user is not present in the upgraded firmware environment.
    • Prior to upgrading such a BMC, the following line should be added to /etc/passwd on the BMC:
    • Alternatively, the files /etc/passwd and /etc/group can be removed immediately before reboot to apply the update. Caution should be used with this method, as failure to apply the update could then result in a requirement to use a BMC serial cable or external SPI flasher to recover.