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Where is the installation manual online?

File:T2P9D01 users guide version 1 0.pdf

My motherboard bag's seal/labels are broken! Has it been compromised?

This is normal for now. (It may have been compromised still, but the broken labels don't indicate that.)

Where do I get the stand-offs and screws?

They should come with your case. (Check inside drive bays and such.)

Should I use rubber spacers with the stand-offs?

Stand-offs are supposed to help ground the motherboard, so it's better not to.

My case doesn't have holes for some stand-offs!

Not necessarily a big deal, especially for the top-left where the I/O plate helps hold it in place.

However, note that without stand-offs, you may accidentally bend the board when inserting CPUs, RAM, or other components. Such bending may damage the board!

What is an indium pad? Does the stock HSF include it?

Indium pads help heat transfer from the CPU to the HSF. 4-core and 8-core CPUs do not require them (and do not ship with them). More powerful CPUs should ship with them if required (TBD whether pre-applied to the HSF, or separately).

Should I remove the label/sticker from the HSF?

No. Do not remove the label/sticker, or you will void your warranty.