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Blackbird Official Firmware Builds

For upgrade instructions, please visit the Firmware Upgrade Quick Start page. Alternatively, for those wishing to build from source, please visit the Compiling Firmware page.

All firmware builds are cryptographically signed with the current Raptor Computing Systems firmware signing key at time of release [1]. The intermediate firmware signer keys, in turn, are signed by our master umbrella key [2].

System Package v2.00a

Released: 10-29-2021
Release Notes

System Package v2.00

Released: 02-19-2020
Release Notes

System Package v1.00

Released: 05-22-2019

Change Log

  • Initial release

Known Issues

  • DRAM is capped to 2400MHz. This is not a hardware problem, it is an issue somewhere in hostboot that is being actively worked. 2666MHz DIMMs installed will function at 2400MHz pending a PNOR update to enable 2666MHz support.
  • The BMC kernel (incorrectly) detects an SPI master collision on bus 12, yielding a never ending stream of warnings from the i2c core. As this is not a trivial fix given the state of the ASpeed i2c drivers, and the spew is mostly harmless, the decision was made to ship anyway instead of incurring a lengthy delay to rewrite the drivers. If console access to the BMC is desired over serial, "dmesg -n 1" after login will silence the warnings on the console. This issue will be fixed in a future BMC firmware update.