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About me

My real name is Andrew Nesbit and I'm known online by many nicks. For example, I'm ullbeking on Freenode, DoctorBeans or atthesunrise on music sites, and alnesbit on GitHub.

Professionally I'm a software infrastructure engineer (and aspiring SRE). I place particular importance on resilience and high availability. My most immediate personal computing interests are firmware engineering and learning about other architectures such as POWER and ARM. Looking ahead down the road, my primary interest is distributed systems and, in particular, formal specification of such systems.

Whenever the opportunity arises I work in music and audio signal processing.

I have a PhD in machine learning and signal processing. I approach my work in an academic manner, and I thrive in environments in which a learned approach to problem solving is appreciated. I especially enjoy research.

My interest in Talos II

Talos II opens a whole new universe in computing. Its libre-friendly design is essential to this.

As of 18 February, 2018, I still have so much to write here...