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System Administrator/Architect

Focus on database systems ->

Oracle, PostgreSQL (Open/EDB), & Mongo for x86/Power, using Redhat & binary compatible OSes

Blackbird 8-Core D.D 2.2-V1, 128GB RAM, IOCrest SATA 6G PCI Express w/ JBOD, Blu-Ray drive, AMD wx7100

CentOS 7.x - wx7100 was working EOL

CentOS 8.x - wx7100 was working. Was a successful in-place upgrade from CentOS 7 (not supported) EOL

CentOS 8 Stream - wx7100, AST GUI, and optical drive all impacted by bug regressions. EOL May 31st, 2024. Converted from CentOS 8. EOL

Alma Linux 8.9 - AST GUI fast enough for sysadmin tasks. Converted from CentOS 8 Stream.

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS - Using as CLI server only

Fedora 38 Workstation - Test only

As of 11/2023, these give xfs /boot warnings. No GUI option to create PReP partition. Testing /boot as ext4 only boots rescue kernel. Minimalist kernels did not survive patching.

CentOS 9 Stream

Rocky 9.2

Alma 9.3