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Hi There. I'm a Systems Engineer and Hobbyist.

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  • Mine/Review [1] for additional documentation
  • Also Mine/Review [2]

Projects (in order of interest/work likelihood)

  • Verax T2 Cluster System (w/ Coreboot-powered x86 Isolated Acceleration)
  • cycle/bus/transaction accurate simulation of the (POWER9/T2 SoC IPL) for FW development/verification
    • Design, Implementation and Verification of a cycle/bus accurate simulation of the POWER9/T2 IPL for use in systems firmware development and verification. I haven't been able to find an existing method for fully simulating systems firmware deployment and execution not involving actual hardware and support infrastructure. Ideally, physical hardware would be used only for model verification. More research on exist methods of development required.
  • formally verified re-implementation of OpenPOWER equivalent P9 SoC firmware
    • Formal verification of low-level systems firmware is vital for stability, security and algorithm correctness. Do so via re-implementation of OpenPOWER provided firmware equivalent POWER9 SoC firmware specifications/build systems using Ivory/Tower eDSL Models enhanced with LiquidHaskell refinement type system. Use Simulation to validate equivalent initialisation and run-time behaviour versus OpenPOWER provided firmwares.