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Hi there. I'm A. Wilcox, lead of the Adélie Linux distribution, which has a focus on creating a libre distribution for the 64-bit PowerPC platform.

When I'm not at work or tinkering with Adélie, I'm typically playing with my cat Mr Gaz, and/or playing games on my PowerPC-based Wii U. ;)

To-dos I'm interested in

This is stuff from the community that is interesting work I'd like to hack on. If you want to get in touch and collaborate, feel free to reach out to me on IRC (freenode: awilfox, Interlinked: TheWilfox) or email (my freenode nick @ This is listed roughly in priority order (i.e., what I'm likely to work on in my free time is at the top).

= More unlikely, but still possible