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Host Local Update Process

To "talk" to a compliant BMC, you need the burn_my_bmc tool. This tool will actually program both BMC and PNOR flash devices, depending on the --type parameter. Source code and instructions for build are available at https://git.raptorcs.com/git/phosphor-ipmi-flash/tree/README.md

BMC Update

Using a standard <machine-name>.all.tar file, extract the contents to get the raw BMC image file and signature. Once you have that, you can run:

burn_my_bmc --command update --interface ipmipci --image image-bmc --sig image-bmc.sig --type image

The BMC will automatically reboot to apply the update.

PNOR Update


burn_my_bmc --command update --interface ipmipci --image machine.pnor --sigmachine.pnor.sig --type bios