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This is a collection of components known to work with the Talos™ II-based solutions. It's maintained by both Raptor CS and community members.


Good Cases

These cases were successfully used by someone.

  • SuperMicro SC732i-500B
    • Not recommended for 12 core and higher CPUs
  • SuperMicro SC732D4-903B
    • Add-on sound card recommended
    • Add-on USB 2.0 card or USB 3.0 hub recommended
  • SuperMicro SC747TQ-R1400B or SC747TG-R1400B-SQ
    • Hot swap drive capable; SAS recommended
    • Recommended for use with one or more high-end GPUs
    • Listed as EoL by Supermicro, replaced with 1620 versions. Same fan modules and PDU used in newer, higher watt, version. (Robbieab (talk))
    • System Assembly Video - SC747TG-R1400B-SQ
  • Rosewill RSV-L4500
    • Fans are two wire and use molex connectors

Problematic Cases

  • BeQuiet Dark Base 900 (Robbieab (talk))
    • Claims to support E-ATX on the BeQuiet website
    • Infographic showing the motherboard space to only be 322mm deep, which is 8.2mm short of the full-size E-ATX.
    • Emailed them for clarification, but no response. Can't confirm either way.
  • SuperMicro SC822
    • Low speed fans provide insufficient airflow over CPU0, leading to overheating if more than one 4-core CPU is installed.
  • Athena Power RM-3U8G1043
    • Some motherboard standoffs needed to be removed, and others needed additional hight.
    • There was no standoff hole for the top right.
    • The support beam across the top of the case interferes with CPU2 heatsink, but can be easily removed.

Standoff Issues

Stand off issues appear to be a very common problem. In many cases mitigation may be possible.

  • Fractal Design Define XL R2
    • Missing standoff holes for the top-left and top-middle positions.
    • Some alternative standoff in at least the top-middle position may be required to prevent too much bending of the motherboard while inserting RAM.
  • Thermaltake Core W200
    • Heavy, expensive, massive.
    • Compatible with caveats
      • Talos™ II mainboard will fit in E-ATX compatible side only (when viewed from rear of case, the right side) if the dual system case.
      • Missing standoff holes for the top-left and top-middle positions. (non-essential but ensure proper support when inserting and removing RAM to avoid bending mainboard)
      • Must remove wire-hole rubber grommets present under Talos™ II mainboard on right lower side for proper fit
  • Nanoxia Deep Silence2 (Sharkcz)
    • missing top-middle standoff hole, but I've used a plastic "flat" standoff instead
    • Power LED - red goes to pin 15, black to pin 16
  • RAIJINTEK ASTERION PLUS (Model 0R200049) (cyrozap)
    • Missing standoff holes for the top-left and top-middle positions.
      • As a workaround the standoffs can be unscrewed and placed upside-down (screw threads facing up) under the motherboard holes.
      • This actually works surprisingly well, and thanks to the other screw points the motherboard is rigid enough that I don't worry too much about the weight of the HSFs flexing it.
      • That said, it's probably a good idea to always transport the system on its side and avoid bumping it if possible.
    • The hinged panels that open with handles are much nicer than fiddling with thumb screws, but annoying since it makes it slightly trickier to do things that involve both the inside and back panel of the case (e.g., inserting PCI-e cards).
    • The PSU is at the very bottom of the case, while all the motherboard power connectors are at the very top of the case, so this can cause some issues if your PSU's cables aren't long enough.
      • The EPS12V cables on my power supply had a few inches left over, but the main motherboard power cable was just barely able to reach from the other side of the case to the power connector.
    • The front of the case is sheet metal glued to plastic, and it's starting to peel off a little at the top and bottoms.
      • It sticks back in place when I press on it, but I may need to get some better adhesive and re-glue it later.
    • For $170, I was hoping for something a little more robust, but at least it's pretty.
  • possible mitigation is plastic standoff like ASS-10

Candidate Cases

These cases claim E-ATX support and are planned to be used, or were considered, by someone.

  • Lian Li PC-V1000L (Robbieab (talk))
    • Similar price point to the Supermicros with high power PSU.
    • Very "Apple" brushed aluminium aesthetic.
    • Couldn't confirm E-ATX was fullsize.
    • Passed over in favour of the SuperMicro SC747TQ-R1400B
  • Corsair 760T (mosst)
    • Reasonably cheap.
    • Unusually tasteful aesthetics for a consumer/gaming case. Looks like something Aperture Science would come up with.
    • Yet to confirm if E-ATX is fullsize.

Power Supplies

When planning to run with both CPU sockets populated keep in mind that the power-supply should support also 2 8-pin EPS connectors.

  • Seasonic PRIME 1300W
  • Seasonic PRIME Ultra 650W
  • FSP Group Twins ATX 1+1 Dual Module 700W 80 PLUS GOLD Hot Swappable Redundant Digital Power Supply
    • Customer reported good build quality and proper functionality


The criteria are basically "is it ECC, is it registered, is it NOT LRDIMM"

From the manual:

Total Slots 16 (4 channels per CPU)
Capacity 2TB maximum
Memory Type DDR4 1600/1866/2133/2400/2666
Memory Features ECC
Module Sizes 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB (RDIMM)

Tested memory

Module Validation
Manufacturer Model Size Speed Type ECC Stepping Firmware Source Notes
Pacific Sun X10723042S 8GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.1 Hostboot cc2d45a Official
Samsung M393A1G40DB0-CPB 8GB PC4-17000 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 30dfd3b meklort Requires System Package v1.02
Kingston KTH-PL424/16G 16GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.1 Hostboot cc2d45a Official
Micron MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G3B1 16GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 28927a7 Official
Micron MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G3D1 16GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.1 Hostboot cc2d45a Official
Micron MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6D1 32GB PC4-21333 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 6ffaeb4 cyrozap
Samsung M393A4K40BB1-CRC 32GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.1 Hostboot 1e2221d Official
Samsung M393A2K40BB2-CTD 16GB PC4-21300 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 0c8fa110 meklort Will run at 2400MT/s with System Package v1.00
Samsung M393A4K40BB2-CTD8Q 32GB PC4-21333 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 28927a7 luke-jr
Samsung M393A2G40EB2-CTD 16GB PC4-21300V-R Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 Hostboot 30dfd3b JSharp Tested extensively with System Package v1.02 but does boot on v1.00, Dual 8-Core POWER9, x8 DIMM Modules (RCS Recommended Slot Configuration)
Kingston KVR24R17S8K4/32 8GB PC4-19200 Registered Yes POWER9 DD2.2 1.04, PNOR d286337d sharkcz kit 4x 8GB, got 1 stick faulty, but 3x 8GB worked OK

Known Incompatible Memory

NOTE: Memory may be removed from this table after firmware support has been added, or there may be a fundamental hardware incompatibility. If you have incompatible memory listed in the table below, you may want to bookmark and check this page from time to time to see if a firmware update has resolved the issue.

Module Test Conditions
Manufacturer Model Size Speed Type ECC Stepping Firmware Last Test
Samsung M386A8K40BMB-CRC 64GB DDR4-19200 Registered LRDIMM Yes POWER9 DD2.1 Hostboot 1e2221d 02/14/2018

SAS/SATA Storage Drives

Connected via optional on-board PM8068 controller, or via PCIe controller. NVMe cards are also supported.

Boards with onboard SAS have 1x MiniSAS (or something like that? confirm!) port, and 4x standard SATA-III ports.

PCIe Devices

Storage Controllers

  • LSI 9300 SAS HBAs
  • PM8068-based SAS HBAs
  • Supermicro AOC-SLG3-4E2P 4-port OCuLink adapter

NVMe M.2 Adapters

NVMe Storage Drives

  • Samsung 950 PRO (with M.2 to PCIe adapter)
  • Samsung 960 EVO / PRO (with M.2 to PCIe adapter)
  • Intel Optane 900P NVMe XPoint PCIe
  • WD Black PCIe (with M.2 to PCIe adapter)

Graphics Cards

No display? Check out the GPU Troubleshooting page.


All AMD GPUs currently have DMA issues (limited to 32-bit, which can cause crashes) with the current Talos II firmware. This is expected to be fixed in future firmware updates.

  • AMD Radeon HD 5850 - Must disable onboard VGA first. Currently has issues with only using 32-bit DMA.
  • AMD Radeon HD 7850 - Disabled onboard VGA. Using amdgpu is highly unstable, radeon driver is usable but has issues with only using 32-bit DMA.
  • AMD Radeon HD 7950 - Must disable onboard VGA first. Currently has issues with only using 32-bit DMA.
  • Radeon R9 290X
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 - Available pre-installed on Talos II workstation, server, and desktop configurations.
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX5100
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX4100 - May need at least linux 4.16 in order to get Xorg to work.

Sound Cards


CAPI Devices

  • Mellanox ConnectX-6 EN 200Gb/s Adapter Card