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Public Beta Firmware


From time to time Raptor may make public beta firmware images available. These are normally firmware images that are on a fast track to wide GA release, but for which Raptor is seeking public feedback about any issues encountered during upgrades or features missing for daily use.

WARNING Beta images have not undergone full release qualification. It is possible that upgrades may fail, leaving your system in a state requiring advanced recovery (e.g. loading a replacement BMC firmware image over TFTP and flashing it via the serial console, or externally writing the BMC Flash device with an SPI programmer). Please do not try the beta firmware images unless you have sufficient recovery tools available.

Current Beta Images

2.00-next (04-16-2019 branch)

  • Ensure that the BMC and PNOR was previously updated to System Package v1.06, and that that your system successfully boots after that update
  • Power down your system
  • Issue "reboot" on the BMC
  • Transfer the decompressed BMC image file to /run/initramfs/image-bmc on the BMC
  • Run "fw_printenv | grep eth1addr" and write down the MAC address. You will need this information later
  • Issue "reboot" on the BMC
  • After BMC restart (this may take 5-10 minutes):
    • fw_setenv ethaddr <IPMI MAC address written down earlier>
    • fw_setenv eth1addr <IPMI MAC address written down earlier>
  • Transfer decompressed PNOR image file to the BMC /tmp directory
    • pflash -E -p /tmp/talos.pnor
    • pflash -P CVPD -c
Known Issues
  • New BMC cannot IPL old PNOR and vice versa (CANTFIX)
  • Lockdown of P2A bridge for security breaks AST2500 VGA passthrough -- ast driver in guest cannot read configuration due to lockdown, and qemu does not pass host device tree information with VGA configuration data to guest kernel.
  •  ?
Beta 3 (04-28-2019)
Beta 2 (04-28-2019)
  • PNOR: Downgrade kernel to version 4.19. This works around radeon driver crashes in petitboot