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Viewed your wiki Desktop Roadmap page. The first Urgently Needed section points out to me that the first thing needed is a place for Normal Users to ask questions or seek advise on fairly basic tasks or problems.

This should lighten the load on Raptor having to answer the same question multiple times or help people new to the system get familiar with the ins and outs of doing and understanding at least the basics.

IRC is okay for many tasks and discussions but just not for everything, especially trying to lead another through a multi-step procedure that may take more time than folks in different time zones have to dedicate to on-line presence.

My first request for Urgently Needed would be a dedicated website setup with catagorized forums and ruled by a dictator and minions to keep the noise to a very minimum.

I do not know about setting up such a website or what costs are involved although very willing to help pay for such as I'm sure others would be. It's always good to have a home.

And now we have :-)