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This firmware page does not currently address Blackbird systems and, users following these instructions and not paying attention to what they are doing are in for a big surprise. I've managed to build and deploy the BMC firmware on Blackbird so can edit the instructions in regards to that but, since the instructions are so similar to TalosII, I'd like to modify the entire BMC section so it uses a $BMC_ARCH variable and actually completely deprecate the older yocto TEMPLATECONF example. These changes would only address the Blackbird BMC firmware part of the page but, I can start working on re-working the entire page to address Blackbird without disrupting TalosII if no one is currently in the process of doing it. I'm new here so I don't want to go making extensive changes to an important page without a thumbs up.


It's definitely a good idea to update everything to work with the Blackbird in addition to the Talos II. I say go for it, I don't think anyone is currently working on updating this.