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Package Information
Processor POWER9
Chip Nimbus
Maximum base clock 3.1GHz (4/8 core)
Maximum WOF clock 3.8GHz (4/8 core)
Maximum TDP 190W
PCIe controllers (PEC) 3
PCIe generation 4
Maximum PCIe lanes 48
Maximum PCIe endpoints 6
CAPI 2.0 interfaces 2
OpenCAPI interfaces 0
NVLink interfaces 0

Sforza is the codename for a POWER9, Nimbus chip, CPU module/package designed for general purpose computing, with high I/O available over standard PCIe generation 4 interfaces. The Nimbus chip it houses has 24 cores on the die, each capable of SMT4, and as a Scale Out processor intended for dual socket systems, uses directly attached RAM.

It is used by the Talos™ II systems.

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