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Not everything is bug-free, so you might want to the check also Fixes in Progress about the state of their upstreaming.


Distribution Version Architecture Reported by Notes
Adélie 1.0-beta1 ppc64 awilfox Needs the easy-kernel-power8 package instead of easy-kernel. KDE 5 is stable.
Debian 10 (2018-05-28 weekly DVD ISO) ppc64le JeremyRand Seems to work fine. KDE crashes occasionally, but that might be unrelated to running it on POWER9. Works fine as a KVM host via virt-manager (tested with Debian 10 as the guest). Be warned that the installer will enable the contrib repos (without your knowledge or consent), which is bad from a software freedom standpoint.
10 ppc64 awilfox Only tested in KVM-PV. Using Adélie easy-kernel as kernel, Debian Buster userland.
9.5.0 ppc64le (inside KVM; machine type = pseries) JeremyRand Seems to work fine with KDE. Default version of Linux works fine. Be warned that the installer will enable the contrib repos (without your knowledge or consent), which is bad from a software freedom standpoint. However, running dpkg-query -W -f='${Section}\t${Package}\n' | grep ^contrib (see this Stack Exchange answer) suggests that no actual packages from the contrib repos are installed by default, so you should be able to disable the contrib repos after installation without ever being exposed to contrib-packaged software.
9 ppc64le nashimus Requires 4.16 or newer kernel. Installed Debian testing net install, set apt sources to Debian stable and downgraded, keeping 4.16 kernel. Most VMs failed to boot before updating qemu to 2.12.0.
Fedora 28 ppc64le Sharkcz only bare metal verified for now, you might want to enable SharkCZ's COPR repo for not-yet-upstreamed updates
nashimus May need to manually specify inst.stage2, during install. Workaround Bug
ppc64 Sharkcz discontinued in Fedora 29
Gentoo n/a ppc64le luke-jr Once installed, works fine.
17.0 ppc64 MarcusC XFCE4 and virt-manager verified
Whonix (clearnet link) 14 ppc64le JeremyRand Appears to work fine when the Whonix instructions are followed; host OS used for testing was Debian 10.
Ubuntu 18.10 ppc64le q66 Installs and works out of box with no changes, Xfce4.
Void-ppc64 n/a ppc64le, ppc64le-musl, ppc64-musl q66 Staging fork of Void Linux (custom binary repository and infrastructure, merging changes back upstream), fully functional


Distribution Version Architecture Reported by Notes
FreeBSD 12.0 ppc64 kev009 Contains initial POWER9 support
13-CURRENT ppc64 kev009 Ongoing development activity, better than releases for the time being
POWER9BSD 13-CURRENT ppc64 kev009 Advance POWER9 features for FreeBSD like Radix MMU, amdgpu etc

Ports in progress

Rapid progress is being made on these ports by members of the community.