Operating System Compatibility List

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Distribution Version Architecture Reported by Notes
Debian 10 (2018-05-28 weekly DVD ISO) ppc64le JeremyRand Seems to work fine. KDE crashes occasionally, but that might be unrelated to running it on POWER9. Works fine as a KVM host via virt-manager (tested with Debian 10 as the guest).
Fedora 28 ppc64le Sharkcz only bare metal verified for now
28 ppc64 Sharkcz test entry
Gentoo n/a ppc64le luke-jr Once installed, works fine.
17.0 ppc64 MarcusC XFCE4 and virt-manager verified

Ports in progress

Rapid progress is being made on these ports by members of the community.

  • FreeBSD
  • NixOS