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Discuss Talos II and OpenPOWER on IRC at Liberachat #talos-workstation:

  • Webchat
  • Connect via your IRC client (TLS, for Tor use below onion)
  • Connect via your IRC client (TLS over Tor onion with SASL, register via Matrix or non-onion)
  • Libera's Matrix bridge is currently disabled, use the native Matrix channel listed below instead. If for some reason you still want to access Libera's Matrix bridge, it's (Element link).

Before joining the channel, make sure your nick is registered and you are logged in. Otherwise, you will get the message “you are banned”.

The channel was previously hosted on Freenode but has now moved to Liberachat. Please note that Freenode has been taking over channels attempting to move and trying to conceal the fact that those channels have attempted to move, so if #talos-workstation is ever reopened on Freenode, it is not operated by Raptor.

The channel is also bridged to OFTC #talos-workstation:

The channel is also bridged to hackint #talos-workstation:

The channel is also bridged to Matrix (Element link).