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Reproducible Build Status

Component Partition Description Reproducible Git URL Git Hash
Self Boot Engine (SBE) SBE SBE, stored in module EEPROM YES with patch: sbe#11 a389a5d98c2ab38292ce7451c210b3cb0293938c
On Chip Controller (OCC) OCC On Chip Controller YES a8d07676985b31d9e0631d2529a05ce3f68f07b7
Hostboot Boot Loader HBB Bootloader code for hostboot YES 884b60b16009061ab84db88f918902a8c8098a4b
Hostboot Data HBD NO 884b60b16009061ab84db88f918902a8c8098a4b
Hostboot HBI Main hostboot application NO 884b60b16009061ab84db88f918902a8c8098a4b
Skiboot PAYLOAD Skiboot YES, except when secure boot is used (skiboot#192) bc106a09b0ab298ec71b3ef8337fb5f820a7c454
Skiroot, including Petitboot BOOTKERNEL Main Linux kernel and userspace in initrd NO Multiple Multiple
  • The reproducibility indicated above indicates that a binary has the same hash when a clean and rebuild is done on the same machine. More work into reproducible build harnesses will likely be necessary for multiparty reproducible builds (Gitian, RBM, etc.)