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Events and conferences at which Raptor's OpenPOWER systems have been on display, or part of a presentation




  • March 14–15, OCP Summit 2019 - A Talos II and Blackbird are on display alongside Rackspace Barreleye G2 and Google Zaius image
  • March 7–10, SCaLE 17 - A Talos II and Blackbird was on display at the OpenPOWER booth - Talospace coverage
  • February 12–15, IBM Think 2019 - Talos II and Blackbird at the OpenPOWER booth (#630) - LTT's Linus playing Xonotic at the booth
  • January 25–27, DevConfCZ 2019 - Dan Horák / sharkcz gave a presentation, "Desktop on an OpenPOWER system? YES!" link