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This is a place where mistakes in the user manuals as well as possible improvements (all kinds of things) can be collected, so that they don't get lost.

User Manual for:

RCS User Manual


Talos II specific

  • p.16: Add note that indium pads are not required for 4-/8-core CPUs. Currently, the manual explicitly tells you to install indium pads.

Blackbird specific

  • p.22: Big Blue Arrow points to wrong header (USB3 instead of TPM)
  • p.37: "ON-BOARD VGA DISABLE JUMPER" - but there is no VGA on the Blackbird
  • p.14 explicitly notes to install an indium pad, however no indium pads are provided nor required for the 4-/8-core CPUs which come with the Blackbird

Talos II & Blackbird

  • Internal USB2.0 Type-A port is not mentioned in the manual
  • Internal USB2.0 Type-A port is falsely shown to be connected to the BMC in the block diagrams

Possible Improvements

Talos II specific

  • p.17: HSF REMOVAL: Add note that during removal the CPU might stick to the HSF via a potentially installed indium pad. If it then falls down in an angle on the socket, the board is most likely damaged.

Blackbird specific

  • p.39: Mark internal audio header as "HDA compatible" more visibly?

Talos II & Blackbird

  • Installation description (Talos II: p.13, Blackbird: p.11) should mention especially to make sure no more mounting studs are installed in the case than required
  • Include a front view of the I/O panel naming each port. Esp. indicate which of the RJ-45 ports is connected to the BMC.
  • In the HSF INSTALLATION section, explicitly advise against thermal paste, since it's not required and complicates removal of the HSF (CPU may stick, then fall down angled and damage the socket).

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Use a different font on the BMC default password snippets that will make distinguishing the letters 1/l/I and O/0 possible at all (users regularly have trouble with reading them)
  • Indicate in the BMC hostname whether it's the host or the BMC, e.g. "blackbird-bmc" instead of "blackbird"
  • RCS could include 2 plastic mainboard standoffs like these with the mainboard, since missing standoffs are very common, as can be seen here: Talos II/Hardware Compatibility List#Problematic Cases. They are very cheap in bulk and should not add up much to the cost.
  • Provide high-res pictures of the Blackbird board, like for the Talos II: Top and Bottom
  • RCS should notify customers if the purchased products are not expected to be getting shipped (start of shipping) in a certain timeframe, e.g. 2 weeks.
  • RCS could provide customers with a regular (e.g. monthly) update on their order. (Due to long shipping delays and sometimes unresponsive support, some people were worried if their order will ship at all, and asked about it in the IRC channel.