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The following steps can be used to the FPGA bitstream on Talos™ II-based solutions. It's maintained by both Raptor CS and community members.

FPGA Toolchain

The Talos II FPGA bistream uses the following tools:

  • IceStorm
  • Yosys Open SYnthysis Suite
  • Arachne-pnr

To install the toolchain, the following command (on Fedora 28) can be used:

sudo yum install yosys arachne-pnr icestorm make

Grabbing the sources

Raptor CS maintains a public git repository containing the complete design for the FPGA. To download the source code:

git clone https://git.raptorcs.com/git/talos-system-fpga/

Building the bitstream

Once the required toolchain is installed, the bitstream can be created using the following command:

cd talos-system-fpga/
make -j64 all

Flashing the FPGA