Verifying DVDs

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How to Verify a Raptor Computing Systems Source DVD

Raptor Computing Systems signs their source DVD images with their publicly available Sales Team GPG key. Verification of DVD contents is strongly recommended to ensure an authentic copy of the software and information contained thereon was received.

Shipments of the Talos II systems include both the source DVD and a sheet of paper with a link to the associated GPG signature file in both QR code and plain text form. You will need a copy of this signature file along with an extracted ISO image from the DVD to verify authenticity.

Extracting an ISO image from the DVD can be accomplished with the following commands, substituting your DVD drive device node for /dev/sr0. Insert the source DVD into the drive before beginning.

isoinfo -d -i /dev/sr0

Look for the "Block size" and "Volume size" values, then create the ISO image using dd:

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=source.iso bs=<block size> count=<volume size>

Once created, you may verify the ISO with GPG:

gpg --verify <GPG signature file> source.iso