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|title = Processor Information
|title = Processor Information
|header1 = POWER8
|header1 = POWER8
|label2 = [[PowerISA|POWER ISA]]
|label2 = [[Power ISA|Power ISA]]
|data2 = 2.07
|data2 = 2.07
|label3 = Process node
|label3 = Process node

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Processor Information
Power ISA 2.07
Process node 22nm
Maximum slices 12
Maximum cores 12 SMT8
L2 cache / slice 512kB
L3 cache / slice 8MB
Production availability November 2015
Production stepping(s) DD2.0

POWER8 is available in Dual Chip Modules (DCM) or Single Chip Modules (SCM); Murano is the DCM and Turismo is the SCM.[1]

POWER8 with NVLink

POWER8 was later altered to support NVLink, this wiki refers to those chips as POWER8E.

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  1. IIAS - Overview. IBM Knowledge Center. Quote: "The primary compute building block of the Integrated Analytics System is the Power8 S822L Server. This server is based on the Murano DCM chip set. Each processor in the selected configuration provides 12 cores each operating at 3.02 GHz"