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(Add link to upstream pull request for (mostly) equivalent dram ram)
(Remove DRAM fix - upstreamed and included in 2.x firmware releases.)
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=== HCODE ===
=== HCODE ===
=== Hostboot ===
=== Hostboot ===
* DRAM freq rounding fix - upstream diverged in the ps_to_freq() function [https://github.com/open-power/hostboot/pull/162 [pull request]]
* cap voltage offset when biased
* cap voltage offset when biased

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This page should cover firmware upstreaming for Talos and other RaptorCS systems. Because it would be very useful to be able to build new firmware directly from upstream sources.

Host firmware




  • cap voltage offset when biased


  • remove prebuilt GPU1 binary



  • skiroot kernel config changes


OpenBMC firmware